Implementation Department

Contact Information

Amanda Spinks

Implementation Manager

PO Box 20, 951 Main St

Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0

T: 250.455.2304 Ext. 210

F: 250.455.2291

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Roles and Responsibilities

The Implementation Manager is responsible for working cooperatively with the Operations & Maintenance Manager and the Information and Knowledge Manager. Develops project plans, specific to each Department, and ensures implementation of those plans are completed on time, within budget, and all reporting requirements are met. 

- Assists in the development of the Operations & Maintenance strategies and other projects or opportunities the O&M Manager is approved to pursue. 

- Identifies the details, processes and personnel required to turn strategies and plans into actions to achieve strategic objectives and goals efficiently and effectively. 

- Breaks each strategy or project into identifiable steps and assigns each step to one or more employee and suggests when each step should be completed by. 

- Researches, develops, and recommends new initiatives or processes for the implementation and execution of all Lytton First Nation projects and strategies. 

- Develops, compiles, and maintains accurate and comprehensive records and reports on LFN projects the Implementation Manager is involved with.