Information and Knowledge Department

Contact Information

R. Roziere

Information & Knowledge Manager

PO Box 20, 951 Main St

Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0

T: 250.455.2304 Ext. 205

F: 250.455.2291

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Roles and Responsibilities

Information and Knowledge Department is a newly formed department. The manager is responsible for working cooperatively with all active Program Departments of Lytton First Nation. Taking the lead role in overseeing a Data Sovereignty Strategy and implementation to ensure compliance to Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act including other legislation regarding information and data protection. 

Working with all Program Managers to develop a strategy in identifying hardware, software and network requirements to be consistent throughout the entire organization. 

The Information and Knowledge Department is in charge of the Lytton First Nation's company email directory, and the new website using the new domain. 


Files coming soon.