Education Department

Contact Information

Iris Jules                       

Education Manager

PO Box 20, 951 Main St

Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0

T: 250.455.2304 Ext. 204

F: 250.455.2291

Roger James

Post Secondary Manager

PO Box 20, 951 Main St

Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0

T: 250.455.2304 Ext. 218

F: 250.455.2291

Annalisha Adams

Student Support Worker

Theo Michele

Student Support Worker

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Roles and Responsibilities

Education Manager: Iris Jules

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Post Secondary Manager: Roger James

Roger James is the Education Department's representative for post-secondary and University programs. Roger assists students in obtaining sponsorship for College or University programs. There is an annual intake which students must reapply every year. The deadline is May 15th of every year, for the fall semester intake (please see and use our online Application Form below

Every year we have an average of 50 students applying to our Department for post-secondary funding sponsorship. Students apply for funding to attend a variety of programs from Early Child Education to getting a Doctorate degree. When applying to an institution, please make sure that it is Post Secondary Accredited. When registering for a program, please make sure that the program has an entrance level of Grade 12. Grade 10 and Under are not approved. 

Applications are available to all members and can be accessed online. 

You can contact Iris Jules and Roger James toll free at 1.888.755.2304. 


Lytton First Nation Approved Post Secondary Policy October 2019 (pdf)


Post Secondary Application 2019 (pdf)