Social Development Department

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Cheryl Jumbo


250.455.2304 Ext. 203

Bernadine Paul

Financial Aide Assistant

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Alfreda Nelson

Child Welfare Advocate

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Ada Webster

Home Maker

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The Social Development Program provides financial benefits and services to individuals and families in need that reside on Lytton First Nation reserves. Need is determined by the application of an income test and other applicable eligibility requirements. 

The program is administered in accordance with the Social Development Policy and Procedures Manual of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. 

The following programs are administered by the Social Development Department. Monthly financial reports are produced to account for services and programs:

- Social Assistance applications for Employable People

- Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB)

- Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

- Guardian Financial Assistance

- Work Opportunity Program (WOP)

- Special Needs and Institutional Care. 

The Social Development Department writes proposals for funding to the following funding agencies. The programs and services funded by these agencies are also administered through our department: 

Training Employment Service Initiative (TESI) funding is used to assist Social Assistance clients with work related activities such as employment training & travel expenses to attend confirmed employment. 

National Child Benefit (NCB) program funds many of the services that are offered throughout the year such as community soup, community potluck, holiday food hampers, swimming programs, milk programs, children's Christmas party, donations to the youth for sports related activities and various donations towards community functions. 

Family Violence (FVV) funding goes towards the Family Support Program. 

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Comprehensive Community Plan

Our Vision and Goals

We envision a connected department focusing on the well-being and quality of life of our people. 


- To support community-based social and recreational activities that have proven to be successful. Establishing internal service delivery partnerships between Health, Social Services and Youth Departments in order to deliver preventative social and recreational activities. 

- To consolidate and expand the network of social and health programs and services. We will be reviewing and redesigning existing health and social services and develop new programs and services. 

- We would also like to improve our child welfare in the LFN community, to adequately care for children in their home community.